1. Price discrimination and market concentration: evidence from the laundry detergent market (2021), Manchester School. [paper]

  1. Size of Government and Economic Growth in the largest Latin American country (2015), joint with Helder de Mendonça, Applied Economics Letters. [paper]

  1. Does central bank’s perception regarding the state of the economy affect industrial entrepreneurs’ expectations? Are such expectations important for investment? Evidence from Brazil (2016), with Gabriel Montes, Ensaios FEE [paper]

Working Papers:

  1. Price discrimination in organic food markets: the case of ready-to-eat cereal [paper]

  2. Cartels and asymmetric cost pass-through: evidence from Brazilian gas stations, Economics Bulletin (accepted)

Work in Progress:

  1. Demand for packaged goods and quantity surcharges

  2. Competition, threat of entry, and price dispersion

  3. Effects of antitrust prosecution on consumer search

  4. The effects of cartels on the pricing decision of non-members