1. Size of Government and Economic Growth in the largest Latin American country, Applied Economics Letters (2015), 22(11), p. 904-910. (with Helder de Mendonça) [paper]

2. Does central bank’s perception regarding the state of the economy affect industrial entrepreneurs’ expectations? Are such expectations important for investment? Evidence from Brazil, Ensaios FEE, (2016), 37(1), p.7-44. (with Gabriel Montes) [paper]

Working Papers:

  1. Price discrimination in organic food markets: the case of ready-to-eat cereal [JMP] [paper]

  2. Frequently purchased goods and price expectation [paper]

  3. Price discrimination and market competition: evidence from the laundry detergent market [R&R] [New version coming really soon]

Work in Progress:

  1. Asymmetric price transmission in the beer market: evidence from two different types of retailer

  2. Demand behaviour in the Brazilian air sector

  3. Demand for packaged goods and quantity surcharges